The F-Words Fly When Kevin Spacey Joins Gordon Ramsay For A Swear Off

When it comes to swearing, Gordon Ramsay is a master, with a well-earned reputation for ear-shredding profanity that’s often aimed at contestants who produce miserable meals on “Hell’s Kitchen”.

But has the foul-mouthed celebrity chef met his match? In this corner: Kevin Spacey, star of critically acclaimed Netflix drama “House of Cards”, appearing in a new promo for Ramsay’s upcoming Fox series “The F Word” to prove that he’s no slouch in the profanity department.

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In the promo, Ramsay and Spacey engage in a swear off, with Spacey gaining the upper hand when discussing his latest project, in which he plays famed attorney “Clarence f***ing Darrow,” and then describes the meal he’s enjoying as “f***ing, f***ing, f***ing good.”

“Of course it is,” retorts Ramsay. “I f***ing made it.”

As the competition becomes more heated — and the swearing more creative (at one point, Spacey pulls out a profanity-laced Bill Clinton impression) — Ramsay finally throws in the towel. “Damn,” says Ramsay. “I’ve been out f***ed!” he says.

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“The F Word with Gordon Ramsay” premieres Wednesday, May 31.

In the meantime, check out this clip of Ramsay’s appearance on “The Late Show” on Friday, making host Stephen Colbert’s dream come true by yelling at him while he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.





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