Charlie Sheen To Return For ‘Two And A Half Men’ Finale…Maybe?

Rumours continue to swirl about Charlie Sheen making a swan song appearance on the series finale of Two and a Half Men, and producers are having a little fun with all the speculation.

Yesterday, CBS released episode information about the one-hour finale, which boasts the intriguing title: “Of Course He’s Dead – Part One and Part Two.”;

Meanwhile, the synopsis of the episode reads: “Charlie Harper is alive? Or is he?”; To add fuel to the fire, under the heading of “Guest Cast,”; it simply says “Surprise!”;

Could this mean, as Sheen has hinted for the past few months, that he will indeed return to the show after all those burned bridges and his epic public meltdown? Did Charlie Harper somehow fake his own death? Maybe it was all a dream? Or is Two and a Half Men exec producer Chuck Lorre just messing with us in order to get viewers to tune in to the show’s final episode?

That remains to be seen, but ponder the words Lorre spoke about Sheen during a session with journalists at the recent TV Critics Association press tour in January: “It would be inappropriate not to acknowledge our success with Charlie and how grateful I am and we are,”; Lorre told reporters. “I have nothing but good feelings for those eight and half years.”; 

The Two and a Half Men finale airs Thursday, Feb. 19.

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