Trump Visited By The Ghost Of Nixon In Latest ‘Simpsons’ Spoof

The writers on “The Simpsons” are at it again, serving up an all-new Donald Trump parody to poke fun at his latest scandal — or is it scandals?

In the hilarious video, things are clearly in meltdown mode for President Trump, with Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and red-nosed Steve Bannon having all hung themselves while Vice-President Mike Pence begins erasing the “Vice” from his desk’s name plate.

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Entering the presidential bedroom, we see the Commander in Chief taking a meeting with James Comey, the FBI Director he fired. Trump wants a “do over,” offering a deal: “You hand over all your notes,” Trump tells Comey, “and I’ll erase the tapes — I mean, THERE ARE NO TAPES!”

The last time a president taped conversations in the Oval Office, it didn’t go so well, which brings about a visit from a spectral presence: the ghost of Richard Nixon, who is in a surprisingly jubilant mood for a disgraced ghost.

“I’m moving up,” crows the disgraced ex-POTUS, who resigned from office as impeachment loomed after the Watergate scandal. “Thanks to you, I’m now the 44th-best president.”

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“I just have one piece of advice,” Tricky Dick tells Trump. “If you have tapes… burn ’em!”

Things end on a warm, fuzzy note with a group hug that nobody could have predicted.

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