Armie Hammer Admits He Got Aroused While Making Out With Leonardo DiCaprio In ‘J. Edgar’ Love Scene

Armie Hammer isn’t gay — although he may have wondered while filming a tender love scene with hunky Leonardo DiCaprio in the biopic “J. Edgar”, in which he played the longtime companion (and alleged lover) of allegedly closeted FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in the 2011 film.

During his recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, the “Lone Ranger” star was quizzed by host Andy Cohen and let a surprising revelation slip out.

“Did he have good breath?” asked Cohen about DiCaprio (he did, Hammer noted).

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“Did he use his tongue?” Cohen further queried. “No, no tongue. Respect,” replied Hammer, admitting that DiCaprio’s lips were soft.

“Was your wife jealous?” Cohen continued. “YES!” responded Hammer, also answering in the affirmative to Cohen’s question, “Were his eyes even dreamier up close?”

Then, the nitty gritty: “[Was there] any [erection] or partial [erection]?”

Hammer took a deep breath, then answered, “Yes.”

During his appearance, Hammer also dished on some of the eccentricities of “Lone Ranger” co-star Johnny Depp. Watch:

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