Judge’s ‘Unbreakable’ Will Stops Bruce Willis’ Private Airstrip

Bruce Willis’ plans to build a private airstrip in central Idaho have gone up in smoke.

Willis began construction on an 8,500-foot dirt runway last year, but the project came to a screeching halt after it was discovered the airport site was on land zoned for agricultural use.

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Work was temporarily allowed to continue on the airstrip after an ordinance was tweaked. That decision was met with outrage by some and sparked a lawsuit filed by Camas County residents.

Now, a district judge has ruled that a state law was violated when drafting an ordinance allowing individuals to obtain conditional-use permits to build a private airport in agricultural-zoned county lands, according to The Idaho Mountain Express.

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The judge said on May 19 that Camas County showed a “complete disregard” for the neighbourhood when allowing construction to take place on the “Die Hard” actor’s private airstrip.

Willis briefly reprised his role as David Dunn from “Unbreakable” in an uncredited cameo in “Split” — leading to a sequel called “Glass” in 2019.

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