Emma Watson Answers Questions From The Cutest Kids

Emma Watson answers the hard questions that kids really want to know!

The “Harry Potter” and “Beauty in the Beast” actress did a little Q&A courtesy of some adorable little kids in a video published by Entertainment Weekly.

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Some real hard balls were thrown at Watson, 27, such as what her favourite books were growing up. “My dad used to read me a lot of Roald Dahl… I really used to like James and the Giant Peach,” Watson replied.

In a beautiful twist of fate, she also revealed that her “dad read me all of the Harry Potter books.” She credited her dad for inspiring her take on Hermione.

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Watson also confessed she didn’t like the Beast’s rough emotional exterior at first, but could see the good underneath all that snarling.

And in a moment that may come true yet, the actress revealed that Michelle Obama would be her dream guest.

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