Ed Westwick Is Not Down With A ‘Gossip Girl’ Revival

“Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick wants to cut the chatter on a small screen revival.

The face of Chuck Bass told Radio Times he wants nothing to do with a “Gossip Girl” revival. “Nah, that’s not gonna happen,” Westwick told the outlet. “I know there’s a bunch of them coming back – I hear they’re doing ‘Will and Grace’, they’ve done ‘Gilmore Girls’… but it’s such a strange thing to think about.”

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“It feels like we only just finished! And I haven’t done enough in between yet to feel like I could comfortably revisit it. And I did so much with that character – it’s played out, man. It’s done.”

But there is one circumstance in which Westwick would definitely consider hopping on the “Gossip Girl” bandwagon: if Netflix offered a multi-million dollar payday.

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The “Gossip Girl” rumours started swirling after star Blake Lively said “never say never” to a possible revival in an interview with Variety earlier this year.

The hit television show wrapped up in 2012 after six successful seasons.

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