The Pope Meets Justin Trudeau And He’s Still Not Impressed

Pope Francis’ resting Pope face went viral during his meeting with Donald Trump, but Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t fare much better. 

Trudeau met with The Pope at the Vatican on Sunday where they discussed reconciliation efforts between the Catholic Church and groups marginalized by Canada’s residential schools. “He reminded me that his entire life has been dedicated to supporting marginalized people in the world,” Trudeau told reporters.

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The PM gifted The Pope a rare set of Jesuit Relations books detailing Canada’s beginnings. He also presented The Holy Father with a 17th century Montagnais-French dictionary written by a French Jesuit.

Pope Francis returned the good gesture with a gold medal marking the fourth year of his pontificate, an autographed copy of his message for World Peace Day and three papal letters. 

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But what really has the Internet riled up is The Pope’s unenthusiastic expression when posing for a photo with Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire – appropriately dubbed “Resting Pope Face.”

People thought the U.S. President had it bad, but Canada’s poster boy couldn’t get The Pope to crack a smile – in this portrait gone viral – either.

But then, this happened:

Jimmy Kimmel has since weighed in on his late night talk show with his own take on the situation, questioning, “Is everything okay with The Pope?” Watch below.



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