Sarah Silverman is the latest comedian to team up with Netflix for an original stand-up comedy special, but she’s only one of a select few female comedians to do so.

With her new special, “Sarah Silverman: A Speck Of Dust”, set to premiere May 30 on the streaming service, the star is adamant about being recognized for her talent rather than her sex.

“I don’t want to be in some category called ‘Quirky Female Comedians,'” Silverman tells ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli, adding emphatically, “I’m a comedian.”

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While Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle reportedly scored multi-million dollar paydays for their recent Netflix specials, the 46-year-old says her deal was “not even close” to their level – but she has no problem commanding a smaller figure.

“I know that I’m divisive [and] that I’m not for everyone – that’s why you don’t see me in shampoo ads or Old Navy ads,” she explains. “I’m not against money, but I’ve never been one to make a lot of it. I live in my apartment, I own my apartment, I share a washer/dryer with my floor, I own my little hybrid car, and that’s all I need.”

In “A Speck Of Dust”, Silverman doesn’t hold back, touching on everything from sibling rivalry to laser hair removal.

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“I’m an exhibitionist,” she jokes. “I mean, not necessarily with my human body – which I’m perfectly comfortable with – but if there’s something about me, I need to say it.”

For more with the comedian, watch ET Canada’s extended interview below.