Spoiler: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Actor Reacts To Character’s Shocking Death: ‘It All Made Sense’

As “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” sailed to the top of the box office this weekend, the Disney pirate adventure said goodbye to one of the franchise’s most iconic characters.

**Spoilers ahoy for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest installment**

After four outings as Captain Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush has sailed the high seas for the final time in the swashbuckling blockbuster franchise. While the film series has seen many actors come and go from its ranks – including Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley who both return for the new film – Rush told producer Jerry Bruckheimer it was time for Barbossa to hang up his pirate hat.

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“I did say to Jerry Bruckheimer, ‘I think this is the end for Barbossa,'” he tells TooFab. “[His death] expanded the world dramatically of the genre of a tentpole blockbuster, to lose an important character is kind of good. It all made sense and didn’t feel like an easy dramatic device. ”

For Rush, it was important for his exit to mean something in terms of the film’s narrative. In “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, Barbossa sacrifices himself to save the daughter he never knew he had, played by Kaya Scodelario. And while there might be several undead pirates on the high seas, Rush wagers this is likely the end for him.

“I think the notion of the selfless sacrifice, you’d cheapen that if you suddenly went, ‘Well, we’ll bring him back because we had the scorecards filled out and everyone said they liked Barbossa,'” he says, laughing. “I think it would undermine the impact that had on me and the impact it had one my own daughter, because she was working on the film. She was so proud of me, being up on the anchor, it was great.”

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The Australian Oscar-winning actor might say he’s not likely to return now, but he isn’t totally ruling out a future appearance.

“They could come up with something,” says Rush. “Or he could come back like Hamlet’s father as a ghost and just annoy Jack with wisdom.” Bruckheimer agrees, adding, “You never know with us. We can always bring characters back when we love them and we love him.”

While Barbossa may not make a return to the big screen, his legacy lives on in his daughter, Scodelario’s character Carina Smyth. The actress is certainly ready to take the reins from dear old dad should the “Pirates” franchise continue.

“I’d love to see her taking the reins of Daddy Barbossa,” Scoledario says. “I’d love to see if she wants to incorporate her love of astronomy and horology into being a bad-a$$ pirate. I can’t wait to see, if we do more movies, what she can do next.”

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Though Rush has bowed out for now, there’s a famous face returning in the film’s post-credits scene. Bill Nighy’s long-lost pirate Davy Jones, the defeated captain of The Flying Dutchman, makes an appearance at the end of the film with Bloom’s Will Turner and Knightley’s Elizabeth Swann, leaving an open-ended future of the franchise. Bruckheimer isn’t ready to confirm any future story ideas just yet, he did tease his love for Nighy’s character.

“I love Davy Jones, he was such an iconic cinema character,” he says. “Bill Nighy, his interpretation is awesome.”

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