Kevin Hart Wants To Be A Mogul, The ‘Comedic Oprah’

Kevin Hart says he wants to be the beating heart of business in comedy.

The multi-talented comedian is the focus of a new issue by Variety. There is more to Hart than just his jokes, something he expresses in his upcoming June 6 memoir I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons. “People get to see the comedic persona, but there’s more to me,” Hart says. “This is a story that can be told and I chose to tell it. It’s funny, but there are serious components to it.”

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His older brother, Robert, adds of their upbringing: “We come from a f**ked up situation. We come from the worst living conditions.”

The “Get Hard” actor elaborates on their childhood and says things were rough for his parents. “[My dad] he didn’t escape any of it — jail, drugs, addictions, ruining your family to a point where my mom didn’t want me and my brother to be around him,” Hart explains. “Seeing the stuff first hand. Seeing the reality behind drugs and addiction, and what it can really do to a person, that’s why I don’t do drugs. I learned what I shouldn’t be doing from what my dad did.”

His outlet for channelling that pain was comedy, something that came quite naturally to him. “In the beginning, I was trying to be versions of what I saw or what other people were doing,” Hart confesses.

“You could just tell he was a star,” his manager Dave Becky adds. “It was self-deprecating stuff about not being the macho guy. Every word out of his mouth was funny.”

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But Hart has loftier goals than just being a wealthy, wildly successful comedian. “Think comedic Oprah,” Becky dishes. “He’s going to build companies and invest in companies and do the things that Oprah and LeBron James do, where they don’t just do their craft, they create industries.”



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