The Twitterverse REALLY Wants To See Stanley Tucci And Jeff Goldblum Play Married Spies In A Gay Rom-Com

The power of Twitter was demonstrated when a random photo of Rihanna sitting next to Lupita Nyong’o became an Internet meme that caught fire on social media, with a joking tweet that the two should co-star in a buddy movie now becoming reality as an upcoming Netflix movie starring the “12 Years a Slave” star and the “Work” singer.

Is the same phenomenon now happening with a tweet requesting a gay rom-com starring Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci?

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It’s a possibility, judging by the volume of attention that’s being heaped upon a tweet calling for the pair (who have never appeared onscreen together) to play married restaurateurs in a romantic comedy.

The whole thing started with this simple tweet from Tyler Bradley:

Realizing that every good movie needs a juicy villain, another Twitter user added his two cents, pitching Food Network stalwart Guy Fieri as the bad guy, a rival restaurant owner:

There could be some delightful comic moments between the spouses:

But wait! What happens when a mysterious figure from their past suddenly reappears in the couple’s lives — and he’s played by Mark Ruffalo?

Maybe it would go a little something like this:

Perhaps the wacky restaurant staffers would be able to help Tucci and Goldblum patch things up.

But then… a huge twist!

And a possible title:

So did the Twitterverse like the idea? Let’s find out…

Then again, there are some who feel the concept is too rich for a single movie — it should be a TV series!

While neither Tucci nor Goldblum have yet to comment, here’s hoping their respective agents have already set a lunch date.

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