Death-Defying Escape Artist, 12-Year Ventriloquist And Sia-Singing Clown Highlight ‘AGT’ Premiere

“Americas Got Talent” made its season 12 debut on Tuesday, and more than lived up to its title with an array of jaw-dropping auditions that had the studio audience on its feet — and even earned one performer the coveted Golden Buzzer!

The latter honour went to 12-year-old singing ventriloquist Darci Lynn Farmer, who was the final performer viewers saw during the two-hour season premiere.

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Admitting her ventriloquist’s dummy — a rabbit named Petunia — helped her overcome her shyness, her skills utterly blew away the judges.

“You make my heart melt. You were brilliant. I’m trying to describe how amazing it was. You know what?!” said the judge Mel B before hitting the Golden Buzzer, sending a cascade of confetti tumbling down (each judge has one Golden Buzzer per season, which allows a contestant to proceed to the next round regardless of the judges’ votes).

Another high point in the episode came courtesy of “Puddles the Clown”, who stunned the audience when he started belting out Sia’s “Chandelier”.

Then there was escape artist Demian Aditya, who put on a heart-stopping display when he locked himself in a glass cage, with pounds of sand pouring down on him — explaining to the judges that this was only the second time he’s ever performed the stunt because it’s so dangerous.

As the sand accumulated, the weight caused the top of the cage to collapse on top of him. The audience watched in horror as men ran from the backstage area to free him, one man smashing the glass — with gasps turning to cheers when the glass-smasher was revealed to be Adyita himself. Watch:

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