U.S. President Donald Trump will soon be deciding whether he will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, reversing the stance of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who signed the agreement in July 2016 along with more than a hundred other world leaders.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that he has yet to render his final judgement, but will be announcing his decision “over the next few days.”

During his presidential campaign, Trump threatened to withdraw from the agreement entirely, but during the recent G7 summit it was reported that discussions with other world leaders may have led him to soften his stance.

However, the threat of America not joining the rest of the world in its fight against climate change has rubbed a number of celebrities the wrong way, forcing them to take to Twitter and let their opinions be known.

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From Chelsea Handler to Cher to Bernie Sanders to Mark Ruffalo to New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, notable names from the worlds of politics and show business are warning of the dire consequences if the U.S. backs out of the accord.

Here’s a sampling of celebrity reaction via Twitter:

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