‘Bachelorette’ Suitor’s Offensive Twitter Past Revealed

Could this be the worst crop of “Bachelorette” suitors in the show’s history?

Consider the evidence: the new season — featuring Rachel Lindsay, the first-ever black Bachelorette — has only aired two episodes, and already one guy has been busted for issuing a transphobic tweet (firefighter Bryce) and, in this week’s show, another was revealed to have a girlfriend who claimed to have no knowledge that he had broken up with her (DeMario, whom Lindsay politely asked to “get the f**k out” when his deception was uncovered.)

Now it looks like the past is coming back to haunt another suitor thanks to some shocking posts on his Twitter account that many would consider to be offensive.

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When a writer for the International Business Times went digging into Nashville suitor Lee Garrett’s Twitter account (which is now private, probably not coincidentally), she found some old tweets that mock African-Americans, feminists, Muslims and even imply that the Black Lives Matter movement should be considered a terrorist organization.

Among the tweets is this gem: “Guys… When is the last time YOU actually saw a pretty feminist? There is a reason for this.”

Another reads: “I don’t hate Muslims, I do hate Islam. I just mindf**ked a few liberals for standing for something while making reasonable sense.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user posted some screenshots containing a sampling of Garrett’s vintage tweets:

One in particular stands out, a joke that that implies the NAACP — an African-American organization that sprang from the civil rights movement of the 1960s — is racist.

The International Business Times writer concedes that the Twitter account — in which he’s described as “pleasantly offensive” — may not actually belong to the “Bachelorette” contestant. However: “The account is not verified, but the man in the avatar photo does appear to be the same Lee Garrett cast in ‘The Bachelorette’. The account also shares the same handle as an Instagram account full of photos that appear to be of the Season 13 star,” states the article. “The only other social media account linked to the page is a Facebook that’s been deactivated.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, spokespersons for ABC and the show’s production company have declined to comment.

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