Anna Paquin Blasts News Outlet For Publishing Photos Of Her Children

Anna Paquin is furious with a British news outlet for publishing photos of her children, taking the Daily Mail to task for a recent story that featured photos of herself, husband Steven Moyer and their young twins.

While the story seemed innocent enough, the children’s faces weren’t blurred out; many photo agencies and celebrity-focused publications have agreed not to use pics of stars’ children.

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And while the Daily Mail has blurred out the faces of celebrity offspring in the past, this was not the case this time — which the former “True Blood” star pointed out in a pair of terse tweets.

It wasn’t just the Mail that raised her ire, but also some of the mean-spirited comments that readers made about the story, some criticizing her appearance, and she called out the “#bodyshamers.”

This isn’t the first time that Paquin has become upset over paparazzi photos of her kids. Last year, she slammed photographers for taking photos of a 4th of July family outing.

“My dear and loyal twitter followers,” she wrote in a tweet, “if you see pics [of] my kids please don’t post/tweet/give any oxygen to the creeps that take them #mamabear.”

Many entertainment news outlets have embraced the Kristen Bell-led “No Kids” policy by refusing to publish photos of celebrities’ children — including ET Canada, which holds a special place in her heart.

“So I hope your fans know that ET Canada actually already had it in place and was actually the very first outlet I heard from,” said Bell in a 2014 interview with ET Canada’s Erin Cebula.



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