Thirty days ago we asked you to vote for your favourite Canadian celebrity. The tournament was designed to showcase the multitudinous talent this country bears from Vancouver Island to Cape Spear and all points in between. Hollywood luminaries went up against world leaders, musicians took on astronauts (in the case of Chris Hadfield, he was a musician AND an astronaut). But after the dust settled, only one celeb stood where once there were 64.

His name? Gord Downie.

You rallied around the Tragically Hip singer and lyricist, who has had an emotional last few years, from his brain cancer diagnosis and departure from the Kingston rock band to being appointed to the Order of Canada for his work on Indigenous issues. In the final it was Downie’s 140,000 votes that overcame Keanu Reeves’ 134,000, capping off an admirable run throughout the tournament’s six rounds — a run that saw him lay waste to Chad Kroeger, Carly Rae Jepsen, Trish Stratus, Avril Lavigne, and Jim Carrey before meeting Reeves in the final.

With over three million votes, the “Canada’s Favourite Celebrity” was an enormous success. Thank you for participating, whether through voting or sharing on social media. The more votes, the more precise the tournament’s results. Watch tonight’s show for more, and then enjoy your long weekend. Happy Canada 150, everyone!