Tom Hanks Loves Trolling Fans With His Twitter Posts Of ‘Lost’ Objects

Tom Hanks is having a blast on Twitter, trolling his fans by posting pics of “lost” objects.

For months, Hanks, 60, has been posting images of lost and forlorn-looking objects on the streets – gloves are one of his most-recurring subjects – and adding cheeky captions and signing off each tweet with “Hanx.”

On Thursday, “Hanx” tweeted a photo of a seemingly empty bit of pavement asking, “Rats. Lost my keys. Seen my keys, anyone?.” When the image was expanded within Twitter’s timeline, it reveals Hanks’ keys which until then had been cleverly hidden out of frame.

Some of the actor’s 13 million followers were quick with a quip, responding – some sincerely – to his “lost keys”.

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It’s not just keys and gloves Hanks has been posting about to his Twitter followers. The Oscar-winning actor, who has been active on twitter since 2009, delights in the art of “lost objects” posting everything from shoes, hats, ties, the aforementioned series of gloves and the occasional snaps of himself or wife, Rita Wilson.



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