Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Discusses ‘Everything Now’: ‘It’s Our Most Coherent Album’

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler stopped by Beats 1 with Zane Lowe to discuss the band’s upcoming album, ‘Everything Now’.

On Thursday, the band released the title track from the album that comes out on July 28. For Butler, this has been part of the group’s work for the last few years. They’ve been readying the album for four years now and they’re enthusiastic for everyone to hear the work.

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Butler says this new album is a reflection of the band’s previous work culminating in ‘Everything Now’. “It’s probably our most coherent,” Butler admitted. “Most of the songs are interrelated in terms of transitioning from one into another.”

“I think it’ll be weird in playlists because it has transitional elements of other songs. The White Album is a really good playlist, ‘London Calling’ is a good playlist. It’s not an album, everything now is just a playlist,” Butler continued.

The band also announced their Infinite Content tour, which kicks off in Quebec in September. Butler said that touring for him is a positive experience because it’s the most fun aspect of their job.

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“If you’re not having fun with putting music in the world, maybe get a different gig. For me, it’s really the fun joyful thing. We’re trucking around a ton of gear and setting up in every city. It’s so much work and so much effort. If it’s not fun then what are you doing?” he said.

When it was announced the new album was titled ‘Everything Now’, fans wondered what the meaning behind it was. According to Butler, it’s about … well, everything. “It’s the idea of everything, nowness; everything that happens in the world is surrounded by a whole cloud of other garbage, some of it fake, some of it real, some of it true, it’s just a sheen on existence. For me, that’s what it is but it might be different for someone else,” he said.

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