Danny Masterson To Scientology Haters: ‘Go **** Yourself’

Danny Masterston has a blunt (albeit succinct) message for opponents of Scientology: “Go f**k yourself.”;

The controversial religion founded by sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard is under the spotlight thanks to HBO’s upcoming documentary Going Clear, which made headlines at Sundance with its revelations about alleged Scientology meddling in the marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, among others.

Former That ’70s Show star Masterson, a longtime adherent of Scientology, spoke his mind at Sundance in a just-published interview with Paper magazine, and he doesn’t hold back.

He describes the film, which takes a heavily critical view of Scientology, as that “documentary where they interviewed eight people who hate Scientology… I wonder if Sundance would allow a documentary of, like, eight people who hate Judaism. But you know, my religion’s fair game, I guess, ’cause it’s new.”;

A practicing Scientologist since age eight, Masterson says he’s still a fervent believer. “I love doing it and have no problem doing it,” he concluded. “I work, I have a family and I’m a spiritual being who likes to understand why things happen in the world and want to learn more so that I can have them not affect me adversely. So if that’s weird, then, well, you can go f**k yourself.”;

Going Clear, from acclaimed director Alex Gibney, premieres on HBO on Mar. 16

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