German Music Festival Back On After Friday’s Terror Scare

More than 80,000 music fans were forced to evacuate the Rock am Ring music festival in Nuerberg, Germany, on Friday after a “terrorist threat” led concert organizers to evacuate the three-day music fest, which kicked off on Friday, June 2.

According to BBC News, police received “a concrete warning that made it impossible to rule out a terror threat”, but provided no no further details.

Following Friday’s evacuation, organizers decided to resume the festival on Saturday.

“After intensive searches and sweeps of the complete festival site by the police, the suspicion of a potential terrorist threat has not been confirmed,” a statement said.

“Set-up for day 2 of Rock am Ring has commenced and the programme is going to be resumed in the early afternoon,” the statement continued. “The incredibly disciplined fans deserve all our respect and gratitude.”

Canada’s Simple Plan was among the bands to perform on Friday before the festival was shut down, and band member Jeff Stinco shared a photo taken from the stage during their set:

I was hesitant to post this picture but after all, this is what Victory looks like: today, we played Rock Am Ring before it got evacuated because of a terrorist threat. There was about 50,000 people in front of us clapping their hands, singing, jumping, screaming and having a blast with us. We shared our music with a crowd of very cool people. The best weapon we have against these attacks is to stand tall and not show fear. Keep going to the shows of your favorite bands. Go see your favorite sports team play. Bring a friend to a restaurant. Above all, don't forget to tell your loved one you love them. Life is precious and you cannot waste it hiding in fear or else it loses its meaning. We will be at the Bataclan, in Paris, standing tall on June 6th…

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Earlier, BBC News reported that the scene was remarkably serene as an estimated 85,000 fans streamed out of the venue after organizers asked the crowd to exit “in a calm and controlled manner.”

As organizers explained, evidence of a potential terror attack led the festival to be halted. “Due to a terrorist threat the police have advised us to interrupt the festival,” they said.

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Police throughout Europe have been on high alert, especially when it comes to concerts and other events drawing large crowds, after the horrific suicide bombing at Ariana Grande’s May 22 concert in Manchester that left 22 dead.

In this video from the scene, concertgoers can be seen exiting the festival grounds while singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Watch:




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