Black Eyed Peas Perform Without Fergie — And Twitter HATES It!

Following conflicting reports that Fergie has a) left The Black Eyed Peas or b) is taking a hiatus to focus on her next solo project, what is for certain is that, for the time being, the hip-hop group currently has a Fergie-sized void.

The of lack of Fergaliciousness was on display when the band performed at the opening of Saturday’s Champions League Final at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, ticking off some fans by going on late and delaying the kickoff of the game between Madrid Real and Turin’s Juventis.

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Yet while soccer fans were choked about the game starting late, music fans were even more so when it came to the group’s Fergie-less performance, taking to Twitter with a vengeance in a landslide of tweets that begs the question: Where’s the love?

Among those to express their dissatisfaction with the performance is U.K. soccer great Philip Neville, who tersely tweeted: “No need for this.”

Also not enamoured of the performance was journalist Roger Bennett, one of many to joke about the parallel between the departure of Fergie and the exit of Alex “Fergie” Ferguson from Manchester United.

That was just a blip on the Twitter radar compared to the barrage of tweets such as these:

Is the Twitterverse being too harsh? Check out the Black Eyed Peas performance and judge for yourself:

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