Sam Claflin Admits To Being Body Shamed On Set, They ‘Were Grabbing My Fat’

Before making fans’ hearts melt in “Me Before You”, Sam Claflin reveals his time on movie sets weren’t always pleasant.

Claflin told the Sydney Morning Herald he can recall specific times where he was left feeling insecure: “I remember doing one job when they literally made me pull my shirt up and were grabbing my fat and going ‘you need to lose a bit of weight.'”

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“This other time they were slapping me,” he said. “I felt like a piece of meat.”

The 30-year-old actor, who stars next to Rachel Weisz in the upcoming “My Cousin Rachel”, reveals some of the shaming he’s received is similar to that of his female castmates, “I read in an interview recently and I think it’s absolutely true: men have it just as bad,” he said. “Well, not just as bad, but they get it bad and it’s never talked about.”

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Even now, Claflin has some anxiety when being told to undress for a role, “I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as bad as what women go through but I, as an actor approaching each job, am insecure – especially when I have to take my top off in it – and so nervous.”

“I get really worked up to that point where I spend hours and hours in the gym and not eating for week to achieve what I think they’re going for,” he continued.

“My Cousin Rachel” premieres June 9.

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