Chris Hemsworth Crashes The Russo Brothers ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Rehearsal

He might be gearing up for the blockbuster of the fall, but let it be known, Chris Hemsworth is not over his character’s mysterious disappearance during the events of “Captain America: Civil War”.

Production is already underway on the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” and Hemsworth is on board, set to reprise his role as Thor in the follow-up to “Age of Ultron” in 2018. But it seems even a lead billing isn’t enough to squash his beef.

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Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers

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“Oh this is cute, what are you guys… just playing with your dolls here?” the hunky Australian asks off the top, before diving in to do a little directing of his own.

“Interesting there’s no Thor toy in here…” Hemsworth asks off camera, to which voices reply “the Russos are doing this,” before Chris chimes in with a burn he’s “heard before”: “‘Civil War’, no Thor”.

While the blame goes to “Infinity War” director Anthony and Joe Russo, Hemsworth takes the majority of it out on the action figures by staging a little action scene of his own.

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“Tell you what would really happen if there was a fight between all of us…” before launching both Iron Man and Captain American across the room with Mjolnir.

Other Avengers members like Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Vision and poor Hawkeye (who, according to Hemsworth looks more like an escapee from a “Berlin techno rave”) all get tossed aside, save for Hulk, because, as we know:

“Thor: Ragnarok” hits theatres November 3, 2017, which means there’s plenty more time for Chris to flex his comedic muscles.

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