James Corden And Reggie Watts Get Gordon Ramsay To Drive Them To The Airport

Gordon Ramsay has a new gig as an airport cab driver.

In a sketch for “The Late Late Show” on Monday night, Ramsay gave host James Corden and Reggie Watts a ride to the Los Angeles airport.

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Unfortunately for Ramsay, the ride takes a bit of a turn. Watts and Corden ask him too many questions, try to play games with him, and he’s not having it one bit.

They even try to get him to sing along to the “Friends” theme song but he’s not giving in.

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As expected, in typical Ramsay fashion, he loses his temper and any control of his mouth and swears at both Corden and Watts.

We guess he couldn’t handle the heat in the driver’s seat.



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