* Any doubts that the big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey wouldn’t be a blockbuster were quashed by this weekend’s box-office dominance, with estimates the film will top US$80 million in its opening weekend. If that estimate holds, Fifty Shades will surpass 2010’s Valentine’s Day as the highest-grossing movie ever to open on Valentine’s Day weekend. [Variety]

* Speaking of Fifty Shades, if you thought Jamie Dornan got up to some kinky shenanigans onscreen, those weren’t nearly as unusual as what happened on Graham Norton’s U.K. chat show when the actor was invited to eat himself — that is, a life-sized Fifty Shades-inspired cake crafted in his own hunky likeness. Watch and learn:

* Here’s a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day and your love for Sleepy Hollow in one fell axe-swoop: the Sleepy Hollow Valentine’s Day personality quiz, which promises to match you with your one true love by answering such multiple-choice questions as “The most frustrating thing about the modern world is: credit cards; reality television; instant gram; or demons?”; Then, check out this sneak peek at Monday’s episode, the last one before the Feb. 23 season finale:

* Usually when Kanye West jumps onstage while someone else is at the microphone, controversy ensues. Not last night, however, when concertgoers at Drake’s Friday night show in NYC got a big surprise when Kanye joined the Toronto rapper onstage. Check it out:


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