Zac Efron Gives Full-Body ‘Back, Crack And Zac Wax’ To Aussie Rugby Star

Zac Efron and “Baywatch” co-star Alexandra Daddario dropped Australia’s “The Footy Show” during the Down Under portion of their media blitz for theirnew comedy, and it definitely wasn’t your typical talk show appearance,

That’s because Efron and Daddario chipped in to give a full-body waxing to host Beau Ryan, a retired Aussie rugby star, ripping swatches of hair from some pretty intimate parts of his body.

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It all started when Efron explained that “one of the things we had to do to be initiated into ‘Baywatch’ — and this was a surprise to me — was the ‘back, crack and Zac wax.'”

“What’s the Zac?” asked Ryan, to which Efron responded: “It makes you look like Zac.”

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Who wouldn’t want to look like Zac Efron? Not Ryan, and that was all it took for him to hop on a table, strip down to his skivvies and and submit to a full-body waxing, which proved to be both excruciating and hilarious to watch.

Ryan, in fact, has proven himself game to do pretty much anything on the popular rugby show, such as allowing Efron’s co-star, Dwayne Johnson, to shave his head in a previous episode. Watch:

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