Jay Mohr Uses The N-Word In Bizarre Twitter Rant About Rapper Boosie BadAzz

Controversy is guaranteed to ensue whenever a white person uses the N-word, although that memo didn’t make it to Bill Maher — or, apparently, comedian Jay Mohr.

In a series of tweets, the “Saturday Night Live” alum decided to comment on an interview given by rapper Boosie BadAzz, who describes serving time in prison and walking in on two male inmates having sex. In recounting the story, he uses the N-word multiple times to get across his point (which you can watch him make here in the graphic, NSFW video).

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Mohr was apparently one of the viewers of the video, retweeting a few comments from Twitter users mocking the rapper’s extreme aversion to gay sex, which struck many in the Twitterverse as homophobic.

This led Mohr to issue a tweet commenting on the irony that the rapper was being taken to task for being homophobic during a tirade in which he uses the N-word 19 times — but made himself the object of controversy by using the actual word in his tweet, and then using it again in a subsequent tweet.


The first outlet to report on Mohr’s use of the N-word on Twitter was TMZ, which Mohr actually predicted would happen:

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