Chris Martin made the day of a young fan during Coldplay’s Tuesday show in Hamburg, Germany, when the sign he was hoisting caught the eye of the band’s frontman.

“Can I Play Everglow For You?” read the sign, which instantly caused the gears to start turning for Martin.

“For real?” asked the singer from the stage. “You want to come onstage and play this song with me?”

As the crowd whooped loudly, the lad made his way to the barrier separating the crowd from the stage, where security personnel helped him to the stage.

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“I think it’s important for Britain and Germany to work together,” quipped Martin with a chuckle as the teen made his way to the stage. “Let’s try to keep relations in Europe good.”

After introducing the budding musician — whose name is Ferdinand — Martin gave up his seat at the keyboard so he could take over — and did he ever! Check out the entire performance in the video above.