Barack Obama Gives Speech In Montreal, Dines With PM Trudeau

Former U.S. President Barack Obama made his first-ever trip to Montreal on Tuesday and charmed the audience at a Q&A session with Sophie Brochu, President and CEO of Quebec energy provider Gaz Metro.

Along with wishing the city a happy 375th birthday, he even tried out a little French. “Bon anniversaire,” Obama said.

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During the discussion, Obama professed his belief that a woman will be moving into the Oval Office soon, and predicted what the world would look like in a world populated by female leaders.

“I’m married to an extraordinary woman, [we have] extraordinary daughters,” he told Brochu, declaring: “In my lifetime we will see a woman president of the United States. I don’t know who that will be but I believe that will happen.”

He added: “I did conclude at a certain point that if you just put women in charge of every country, for just about two years, that the world would make a huge leap forward and just be better off generally.”

Meanwhile, the former Commander in Chief also spent some face time with Justin Trudeau, with Canada’s PM sharing a photo of the pair on Facebook. Obama and Trudeau chatted over dinner at Montreal’s Liverpool House.

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