Katy Perry Gives A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of ‘Bon Appetit’

Katy Perry is serving up the main course with a delectable behind-the-scenes look at her music video for “Bon Appetit”, featuring Migos.

In a new five-minute feature shared to fans on Wednesday, the 32-year-old pop star reveals the time-consuming process behind the making of her NSFW video, which includes a combination of tabletop pole dancing, a boiling hot tub, and a 90-minute chef’s table set-up.

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“Hi guys, it’s Katy Perry again,” Perry says while addressing the camera with her now-signature buzzed blonde locks. “I know I’m always changing my look. Here we are, we’re on the set of ‘Bon Appetit’ featuring Migos, my friends. I am being served as a meal. It’s pretty fun.”

She explains, “The concept of the video is, basically, they think they’re going to eat me because they’ve been prepping me this whole time, but the reality is, I turn it on them. It’s a trap. I’m going to eat them.”

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Perry originally shocked fans with the release of her new video, directed by Dent De Cuir, which takes the song’s food-loving theme to a whole new level. In the promo, Perry’s body is kneaded into dough and thrown into a simmering pot of water.

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