Mark Wahlberg Gushes Over His Kids’ Football Games And Daddy-Daughter Dances On ‘Ellen’

Mark Wahlberg may be busy being a major movie star, but he’s also a dad!

On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Wahlberg gives a big update on his kids. The actor is more than pleased his devotion to the New England Patriots has carried over to his two sons, who have picked up the game of football.

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“My oldest son plays tackle football… they’re going to both play flag football this year and play tackle this year,” Wahlberg explains. “But I am now officially the assistant coach.”

While the Hollywood A-lister can’t wait to take to the gridiron, DeGeneres is a bit more apprehensive. “Oh no, that’s not going to be good for anybody,” she quips. “I can see that you would get very worked up.” “My wife had the same reaction,” the “Transformers” star replies.

“My wife had the same reaction,” the “Transformers” star replies.

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The artist, formerly known as Marky Mark, also updates the audience on his eldest daughter, Ella, who, much to dad’s relief, plans to attend an all-girls high school. DeGeneres reveals how Wahlberg attends cute father-daughter dances with Ella and his youngest daughter, Grace.

Wahlberg, 46, also hypes the latest instalment in his action-packed franchise, “Transformers: The Last Knight”.

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