He’s been a pirate and a Yankee, but now retired professional baseball player Chris Leroux is leaving the major leagues to find love in primetime.

At 6-foot-5 with a fantastic smile, “The Bachelor Canada” star admits he’s never had trouble “meeting women.”

“I’m going to be honest, I don’t have a hard time meeting women, but I want to meet the right woman,” Chris tells ET Canada’s Roz Weston.

Opening up about his quest to find his soulmate within 25 women vying for his attention, Chris says he’s interested in meeting someone who “likes me for me.”

“I’m 33-years old now, I’m not getting any younger,” Chris says. “So there’s no time like the present.”

Born in Montreal, QC, but raised in Ontario, Chris made sure to get his family’s blessing before partaking in the show.

“My mom was really nervous,” Chris says, joking, “she’s a nervous wreck to begin with.”

But he says that despite that, his mom “knows what goes on” when it comes to the show’s, how do we put this, more steamy scenes.

Telling us he’s not good at the “breaking up” part, Chris explains that along with having to go through the “rough” aspect of letting people go, he also let go of any and all plans he had going in.

“I’m not good at handling drama,” Chris shares, keeping mum on whether or not the season will see its fair share.

“I’ve never been in situations like this before,” he says. “And I’ve been playing sports my whole life and this whole love… television… this is just totally new to me.”

To find out whether Chris finds love, tune-in to “The Bachelor Canada” on W Network this fall.