Batman Asks Catwoman To Marry Him In New Comic

Batman and Catwoman are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

In DC Comics’ Batman #24, the Dark Knight pops the question to the feline-loving femme fatale – and it’s about time. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have had an on-and-off-again relationship spanning 75 years. Versions of their characters have flirted their way through a number of romantic encounters and at one point, have even had a daughter together. And – gasp! -this isn’t even the first time the pair have been engaged.

DC Comics
DC Comics — DC Comics

Batman’s most-recent proposal was set in motion earlier this year in a two-part story called “Rooftops” which saw the pair spend a romantic night together where they confessed their undying love for one another, only to be pulled away by Catwoman’s pesky legal trouble. In Batman #24, the Dark Knight asks for Catwoman’s hand in marriage with an engagement ring featuring the very diamond she tried to steal during their first encounter.

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In the past, the characters’ pasts and demons have eventually caught up with them, putting an end to their relationship. Comic book romances are notoriously fickle so any promise of future Batman/Catwoman nuptials are totally up in the air. Fans can only hope these two crazy kids will make it down the aisle this time.

DC Comics
DC Comics




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