In a few weeks, viewers will be reintroduced to wacky 1970s hit “The Gong Show” and meet the show’s host: famed British comedian Tommy Maitland.

Before you go heading to Google because you’ve never heard of him, Tommy Maitland is actually the latest character created by Mike Myers, bringing a whole other level of meta to a talent-free talent show in which celebrities bang a gong to end excruciating performances by awful acts.

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We finally have our first look at Maitland in all his glory in the first trailer for the upcoming summertime series (above), with the comic bellowing his iconic catchphrase, “Who’s a cheeky monkey?”

The brief trailer for the Will Arnett-produced game show also showcases some of the celebrity judges, including Elizabeth Banks and “Hangover” co-stars Ken Jeong and Ed Helms.

As for the acts, well, they’re as weird — if not weirder — than the performers who stunk up the stage in the original show, including a pole dancer costumed as a dinosaur, an upside-down drummer and a wannabe rock star with a ukulele.

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Viewers of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” got a taste of Maitland a few weeks back when Myers (costumed as his “Gong Show” alter ego) made a surprise appearance while fellow Canuck Will Arnett was guest hosting. Watch:

“The Gong Show” debuts on June 22.

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