Despite Rotten Reviews, ‘The Mummy’ Projected To Deliver Tom Cruise’s Best Opening-Weekend Box Office Ever

A movie that critics are calling the worst of his career may wind up delivering Tom Cruise his biggest opening-weekend box office numbers of his career.

With “The Mummy” set to be released on Friday, critics have not been kind to the Cruise-starring remake of the horror classic, which so far has garnered a sad 26 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

And while not all the reviews are terrible, there are enough bad ones from major critics to give anyone pause.

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“With each succeeding scene, ‘The Mummy’ gets dumber and dumber, to the point where the filmmakers are practically inviting you to walk out of the theatre,” writes Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers was equally unimpressed: “For all the huffing and puffing and digital desperation from overworked computers,” he writes, “this reboot lands onscreen with a resounding thud.”

While the news may be rough on the critical front, it appears to be far sunnier at the box office, with Deadline reporting that “industry sources tell us that ‘The Mummy’ stands to clear $125M-$135M in its overseas release in 63 territories, which when added to its domestic range puts global between $160M–$177M.”

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If those estimates hold, this would be a new record for Cruise, whose biggest opening weekend to date was “War of the Worlds”, which brought in $167 million in its first weekend.

In any case, there’s always “Top Gun 2” to look forward to…

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