Canadian Actor Joshua Jackson Wants To Save Everyone On World Oceans Day

“The Affair” star Joshua Jackson has an important message on World Oceans Day.

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Jackson, 38, is the leading man in a new public service announcement for Oceana, the largest international organization dedicated to ocean conservation.

“The health of the oceans affects all of us,” the Vancouver-born actor explains. “It’s amazing how interconnected we all are. When fish populations decline, it really impacts people and marine animals everywhere.”

“Orcas in the Pacific Northwest rely on salmon for food,” he continues. “Fishers around the world feed their families with what they catch or sell. Restoring our oceans helps feed hungry people while supporting vibrant ecosystems. I am excited to work with Oceana so we can save the oceans and help feed the world.”

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Jackson got introduced to the mainstream for his role as Pacey Witter on “Dawson’s Creek” and later on as Peter Bishop in “Fringe” before landing a lead role on “The Affair”.

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