They’re never too old for this sh*t!

Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Rene Russo reunite to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Lethal Weapon” for the first time since filming wrapped on “Lethal Weapon 4” in 1998. Despite the years apart, the actors’ camaraderie hasn’t changed at all, according to Gibson.

“I think it was at a time in our lives where something just clicked,” he tells “Good Morning America”. “I think there was a lot of love between us. When I see them now I just kind of get the same feeling. It’s like seeing a teenage sweetheart or something.”

Glover, who played calm police veteran Roger Murtagh, agrees with his co-star, adding their relationship both on and off the screen only deepened as the action-packed buddy cop franchise continued.

“I think you can say what you want about the films, but I think the relationship got better and better over that period of time,” he says.

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“I think we’re all a little crazy,” Gibson, 61, says of his off-the-wall, brash character Martin Riggs in the film series. “I may be a little crazier than most people so it may be easier for me to access,” he jokes.

One joke that hasn’t diminished since the film’s debut 30 years ago, is Glover’s classic “I’m too old for this s***” line. The 70-year-old actor reveals fans still approach him and ask for him to say the film’s most-famous line.

“I can’t get anywhere without somebody saying, ‘Just say it to me. Just say I’m getting to old for this,'” he says, much to the delight of his co-stars.

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For Russo, who joined Gibson and Glover in 1992’s “Lethal Weapon 3”, a scene in the movie where her character Lorna Cole compares battle scars with Riggs remains one of the actress’ favourite scenes of her acting career.

“Favourite scene I’ve ever done. Ever,” the “Thor” star reveals. “And not just because you’re this crazy-good kisser, which you are,” she explains to Gibson.

While Russo, 63, may have found her kissing scenes with Gibson memorable, the actor put Glover to sleep with his driving skills.

“I’m in the passenger seat, Mel’s driving, and I can’t remember a time I did not go to sleep. [Director Richard] Donner would always say, ‘Wake Glover up’ before we start shooting,” he says to laughs.

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While the cast was back together again to celebrate the film’s milestone anniversary, the talk inevitably turns to thoughts of a “Lethal Weapon 5”. As tempting as it may be for Gibson, Glover and Russo to get back together again on-screen, the trio laugh off any return, indicating maybe they are a little too old for this stuff.

“You’d play off the fact that they’re not as limber as they used to be,” Gibson says to laughter from his co-stars.

“It would have to be,” Glover adds. “It would be a real comedy,” says Russo.

If a sequel did materialize, Gibson already has an idea for a title: “Rip Van Weapon”, he says as his co-stars dissolve into a fit of laughter.

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