WATCH: Katy Perry To Live Stream Her Entire Weekend — ‘Big Brother’ Style, Including Celebrity Guests!

Following a worldwide livestream event in advance of Friday’s release of her new album “Witness”, Katy Perry is keeping things going by livestreaming through the entire weekend on her YouTube Channel (which can also be seen above).

Perry is livestreaming her every move until Monday. The “Big Brother”-esque event has already shown Perry giving fans a tour of the house, known as “Witness Headquarters.”

From the bedroom to the bathroom, cameras have been placed in every space, offering fans a no-holds-barred view of her weekend. The live stream will also feature morning confessionals from the star in which she answers the most burning of fan questions.

In addition, Perry will be joined by a number of celebrity guests throughout the weekend:

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson – joining a yoga session with Katy on Friday at 12:30 pm PST
  • Gordon Ramsay – battling it out with Katy in a ‘Side By Side Challenge’ on Friday at 3 pm PST
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – joining Katy for a science conversation at 6:30 pm PST
  • Arianna Huffington – podcast chatting with Katy on Saturday at 3:30 pm PST
  • America Ferrera – having a “moment” with a top celebrity chef Roy Choi for her organization, Harness, followed by co-hosting a dinner with Katy for Gavin Grimm and other special guests on Saturday at 7:30 pm PST
  • James Corden – they’ll be all over the house singing, laughing, eating on Sunday at 10 am PST
  • RuPaul – chit chat over lite bites with Katy on Sunday at 1 pm PST
  • Michael Ian Black – whose podcast is “How To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black”, will be chatting with Katy on Sunday at 5 pm PST
  • Kacey Musgraves – Kacey and Katy will teach fans how to play Kacey’s “Follow Your Arrow” at Sunday at 6 pm PST; they will also do a moment for MusiCares
  • Gigi Gorgeous – discussing her YouTube Red documentary “This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous” with Katy on Sunday at 10 pm PST

Along with these stars, other celebs set to appear throughout the weekend include Caitlyn Jenner, Amanda Seales and Margaret Cho.

How anticipated is “Witness”? Consider this: her recently released “Bon Appetit” video officially broke Perry’s own record for the most YouTube views in its first 24 hours, with more than 16.8 million views of the video on her YouTube Channel — contributing to a total of more than 25 million total views on the channel in a single day.

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Meanwhile, the “Bon Appetit” video has been viewed more than 123 million times on YouTube.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Perry discusses some of the new musical directions and risks she’s taking with “Witness”.

“The artist inside of me has been calling me to come to this position for a long time,” she explained. “I think I have to surrender to that now. Evolution is not easy, and change is not easy. People say they love change, but they actually f***ing hate it. [Laughs] I have to evolve as an artist. I’m not saying that this record is going to be ‘Teenage Dream’ — I don’t think anything else will. I think it’s even hard to do that. That has been done.”

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