Cindy Crawford Admits Turning 50 ‘Was Really Hard’

At age 51, supermodel Cindy Crawford continues to look stunning, but the iconic supermodel admits that hitting that 5-0 milestone was not easy.

“For me it was really hard; the idea of turning 50 was daunting,” Crawford reveals in a new interview with DuJour magazine.

“For so long I was the 20-year-old model on the cover of Vogue, or 25 or 30 — and then all of a sudden my daughter is becoming that,” adds Crawford.

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“My mother was here for Mother’s Day and I was talking to her about how I change the narrative for who I am at this age,” she continues. “I don’t want to spend my fifties trying to get back to where I was in my thirties. Even though, yes, maybe I would like my skin or my waistline to be the same, I’ve worked hard and evolved into this person.”

In the interview, Crawford also discusses the role that social media — which didn’t even exist in her heyday — is playing with today’s crop of top models.

“Because of social media, you see that beauty isn’t rare. Beauty is everywhere we look — I think that’s very empowering for women,” she explains.

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“Before we only had a handful of women who were appearing in magazines. Now you can go on Instagram and someone you’ve never heard of, who maybe only has one follower or maybe has nine million — you see they’re beautiful,” notes Crawford. “Sometimes it’s the filter, but I think women are emerging through. I’m no stranger to filters, but women can recognize their own beauty.”

You can read more with Cindy Crawford in the latest edition of DuJour.

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