Judge Orders Mary J. Blige To Pay Ex-Husband $30K Per Month In Spousal Support

Mary J. Blige’s nasty divorce is in the midst of being settled — but it’ll cost her.

According to court documents obtained by ET Canada, the “No More Drama” singer has been experiencing plenty of drama in the courtroom as she and her estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs complete the process of conscious uncoupling.

In the judge’s decision, Blige is ordered to pay her soon-to-be ex a whopping $30,000 per month in spousal support — which is actually far less than the $130,000 per month he had been asking for.

And while the spousal support is being deemed “temporary,” Blige has also been ordered to pay retroactive support dating back to September, as well as his attorney’s fees, for a grand total of $235,000.

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In the documents, Blige accuses her ex of spending $420,000 on what he claimed were “travel charges,” but what she alleges were activities that were not business-related — funds that she claims he spent on his alleged girlfriend.

The New York Post‘s Page Six claims the woman at the centre of the breakup is a 28-year-old singer named Starshell, described as “an up-and-coming artist Blige signed to her Matriarch Entertainment record label.”

According to Page Six, Issaacs’ lawyer, Robert Brandt, had this to say: “Allegations that have been made about Kendu are false, unfair, mean-spirited and sad. The court can deal with it if it’s relevant. He’s a very pleasant guy. He’s not abusive. He’s not the one going to the press. His goal is to reach an amicable resolution with her and [have] this commentary cease and desist. It doesn’t help any of them. It’s misleading. He cares about Mary. He wants her to do well.”

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Meanwhile, Blige hasn’t exactly been keeping mum about the divorce. In a candid interview in March, she blasted her ex with both barrels about his divorce demands.

“You know, he has the power to make it all go away, if he just would stop demanding what he’s demanding,” said Blige. “And that’s not fair to me because he doesn’t deserve what he’s demanding. It’s not fair. Why do I have to pay you? And why do you think you deserve this amount of money? Why do you think you deserve any money? You didn’t make me. You’re not God. So I have to pay you for being my husband and for being my manager?”

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