Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Music Video For ‘Bring The Stanley Cup To Tennessee’

Miley and Noah Cyrus aren’t the only ones in the Cyrus family releasing new music.

Their father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has released a new song with the hope the Nashville Predators bring the Stanley Cup to Tennessee.

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Cyrus released the music video for the aptly titled “Bring The Stanley Cup To Tennessee”, the singer’s attempt at a hockey anthem.

The lyrics of the song reference Nashville Predators fans’ custom of throwing catfish on the ice. “We’ll all stand and cheer, and toast it with a beer,” Cyrus sings with some cowbell playing in the background.

The Predators are currently behind 3-2 in the Stanley Cups finals to the Pittsburgh Penguins. On Thursday night, the Pens punished the Preds 6-0 in Pittsburgh. The series will now relocate to Nashville for Game 6.

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While his team isn’t in the lead, Cyrus isn’t giving up hope. In addition to the music video, the singer also tweeted out his support for the team:



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