Tom Cruise Offers Hilarious Reaction To #TomCruiseClinging Memes

Tom Cruise has starred in his share of blockbusters, yet it’s one isolated frame within one of his films that wound up becoming a wacky Twitter meme with the memorable hashtag #TomCruiseClinging.

The hashtag speaks for itself, with the image of Cruise hanging onto the side of a jet in “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” that’s been Photoshopped on all manner of inappropriate photos to create such hilarious imagery as Cruise clinging onto Donald Trump’s hair as it blows in the wind, or hanging from the tail of the whale in “Free Willy”.

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The memes were resurrected during Cruise’s recent interview with BBC Radio 1, when the interviewer asked if “The Mummy” star was aware of them (he wasn’t), and proceeded to show him a few.

Cruise laughs uproariously as he sees himself clinging to a kitten, exclaiming, “That’s fantastic!”

Catching his breath from the laughter, Cruise adds: “Why hasn’t anyone shown me that before? That’s hilarious!”

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But Cruise really loses it when he’s shown a photo of himself hanging off the forlorn face of Nicolas Cage, causing him to erupt in a laughing fit that requires being brought some water.

You can watch the whole, hilarious exchange in the video above — and check out some of the memes below:

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