Katy Perry Rates Her Lovers During Livestream And Diplo Responds To Being In Last Place

Katy Perry has had a number of famous beaus over the years, ranging from ex-husband Russell Brand to musician John Mayer to, most recently, “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Orlando Bloom.

Yet of all her ex-lovers, which of the men proved to be the best performer between the sheets?

That’s what James Corden wanted to know when the host of “The Late Late Show” dropped by during Perry’s weekend-long livestream celebrating the release of her new album, “Witness”.

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Corden didn’t show up empty-handed, reports Peopleand brought along a Truth-or-Dare-style party game in which the participants could either chow down on some disgusting fare (such as bird saliva or beef tongue) or truthfully answer a question.

This led to Perry rating the bedroom skills of exes Mayer, Bloom and Diplo, from best to worst, which initially did not go over well with with “Roar” singer when Corden asked her to rate the boudour abilities of her three exes.

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“No! No! No!” she yelled to Corden, who laughed uproariously at her reaction.

“Diplo’s a given,” quipped Corden. “Diplo’s in third.” But what he really wanted to know was who would take the top spot.

“They’re all amazing lovers,” Perry blurted out. “I would have sex with all of them after I get out of this place!”

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Corden, however, held her feet to the fire, and he was correct: Diplo was indeed in third place.

Ultimately, Perry admitted that Bloom was next on the list, which left Mayer in the #1 position — a fact that shouldn’t be too surprising considering the number of famous females he’s reputedly bedded. Watch:

Diplo responded to his ranking on Twitter and claimed to not remember having sex with Perry, but he was happy with winning the bronze medal.

Perry’s livestream continued throughout the weekend, and you can watch it right here:

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