Amber Rose Blasts Piers Morgan For Telling Her To ‘Put It Away’ Following Racy Full-Frontal Pic

Piers Morgan has a knack for inserting himself in the midst of controversies, and the UK television presenter has done it again by bashing Amber Rose for her nude-from-the-waist-down, full-frontal Instagram pic, which she declared to be a feminist statement.

Rose posted the NSFW photo on her Instagram (below), although it was taken down shortly afterwards.

The always-outspoken Morgan let his opinion be known in a dismissive tweet, telling Rose to “put it away, luv. Thanks.”

Rose issued a terse reply, tweeting Morgan a hashtag: “#IllTakeThings MisogynisticA**holesSayFor500Alex.”

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This earned a stern reply from Morgan, who fired back: “It’s not ‘misogyny’ to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t.”

Which led to the following heated social media back-and-forth:


It seems that Morgan hasn’t acknowledged being asked about the double standard in supporting Adam Levine’s photo and asking Amber to take hers down. Instead opting to re-ignite the Twitter war in a new tet-a-tet that is nonetheless cringe worthy.

In a NSFW tweet, Morgan captioned the original photo of Amber, tweeting, “This is not feminism. This is attentionseeking.” To which amber replied, “Welp, either way you put it I brought a lot of “attentionseekingism” to my slutwalk,” including the link to the event, which hits LA streets October 1, 2017.

And just as you might have suspected, more tweets ensued.

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