Kate Middleton Pays A Surprise Visit To Victims Of The London Bridge Attack

Some of the victims of the June 3 London Bridge terror attack got a welcome surprise on Monday when Princess Kate paid them a visit at King’s College Hospital in London.

13 of the 48 injured in the attack are still being treated at the hospital, with seven still in critical condition. Eight were killed in the attack, including one Canadian, Christine Archibald, when three men in a white van drove into pedestrians, and then jumped out to stab more people on the bridge and in a nearby pub. The three attackers were killed by police at the scene.

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Kate Middleton met with staff at King’s, including the hospital’s chief executive, Nick Moberly. She also took the time to speak with doctors, nurses, and support staff to hear how they were caring for the victims, and how they were coping themselves.

“What was really noticeable on Saturday night was the amount of female patients that were involved,” head of nursing Lynne Watkins-Hulme told Middleton, according to the Mirror. “We are used to seeing people who are stabbed but to have six women who were stabbed, multiple times—it was just the amount of people—that was upsetting.”

Members of the Royal Family have been visiting hospitals and first responders to the attack over the last week, including a visit by Prince Charles and Camilla to the police officers who were at the scene and another nearby hospital.

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Earlier this month, Prince William visited Manchester to pay tribute to the victims and first responders of the May attack at an Ariana Grande concert, which killed 22 people.



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