Tricia Helfer Reveals She Once Received Fan Mail That Contained A Syringe Full Of Sperm

Looks like the former “Battlestar Galactica” star has received some fan mail that is truly out of this world.

While participating in a panel discussion at the ATX Television Festival in Austin over the weekend, Canadian actress Tricia Helfer revealed she’s been sent some downright disgusting parcels from fans.

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Speaking with Page Six, the “Lucifer” star described opening one particular package on the set of “The Firm” — an NBC series she was shooting in 2012.

“I got sperm in the mail once,” the 43-year-old actress divulged. “I opened it up and out falls this syringe.” Tricia went on to discuss the disturbing hand-drawn image that accompanied the bodily fluid.  “It came…with a stick figure drawing of a man, woman and child and it said, ‘Sending this to you now so when I come over to be together, we will already have our family started.'”

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She immediately notified studio staff, who got local law enforcement involved. Eventually, investigators were able to find the culprit — although Tricia didn’t comment on what, if any, consequences the man faced.







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