With their ninth studio album set for release June 16th, Nickelback welcomed ET Canada exclusively to the video shoot for their second single, “Song On Fire”.

Including lyrics like “I could set this song on fire, send it up in smoke / I could throw it in the river and watch it sink in slowly / Tie the pages to a plane and send it to the moon / Play it for the world, but it won’t mean much / Unless I sing this song to you,” the song has many fans speculating that it could be about Kroeger’s separation from wife Avril Lavigne.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Chad told CMT’s Paul McGuire about the fan speculation. “I mean, if someone wants to think this is about Avril, that’s fine.”

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The lead singer said the song will be relatable to anyone who’s “coming out of a relationship” and wants to write their ex a letter, saying, “This song will definitely sing to you.”

Married in a lavish wedding at the Château de la Napoule in the South of France, the couple were together until 2015, when Avril announced their separation on her Instagram page. She also announced she was battling Lyme disease. Although the pair have separated, they remain close, with Chad continually supporting Avril with her medical battle, even accompanying her to the 2016 Junos.


It should come as no surprise then, that Avril has heard the song.

“She put her A&R hat on, she went right into music land,” Chad told us about Avril’s first time hearing it.  “[She thought] the first verse need[ed] to be catchier, but the chorus is great!” Regarding the song’s subject matter, he said, “She just blasted right over the whole topic,” which he was fine with seeing as “it’s not like I wrote it for her or about her.”

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The band is set to perform their new single live on “The Today Show” June 13, followed up by the release of their new album on the 16th. Then the guys kick off their “Feed The Machine” tour June 23.  Find out how you could win a pair of tickets here.