Woman Body-Shamed By Former Playboy Model Dani Mathers Speaks Out For First Time

In July 2016, former Playboy model Dani Mathers shared an image of a completely oblivious woman in a gym changing room on Snapchat, along with a photo of herself with a shocked expression. It had the caption “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either!”

Not only did Mathers receive extreme criticism for posting the body-shaming photo, but she was also banned from all LA Fitness gyms across the U.S., she was fired from her radio show on Los Angeles’ KLOS station, she pleaded no contest last month to misdemeanor invasion of privacy and was sentenced to spend 30 days cleaning up graffiti and pay restitution to the victim.

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Mathers has been discussing the case publicly but her victim, who remains anonymous, hasn’t had the opportunity to speak out until now, with Los Angeles lawyer Mike Feurer speaking to the Los Angeles Times on her behalf.

Feurer shared that the 71-year-old woman has called the experience “humiliating” and that she wishes this painful chapter in her life would close. He also touched upon the restitution Mathers was ordered to pay the victim.

“She sought restitution of, like, $60. And people wanted to know afterwards, why? And the answer is, she had to buy a new backpack,” Feurer explained. “Because the photograph depicted her in the shower, her backpack was hanging there, and it was a way people could identify her. She had to replace that with another backpack.”

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Feurer also discussed Mather’s public appearances since the hearing.

“One thing that appears to be the case now is that Ms. Mathers is attempting to portray herself as the victim. She is not the victim. She is the perpetrator,” he said.

He shared that he saw Mather’s appearance on Good Morning America, where she said that she hopes the woman in her photo can forgive her.

“I saw Ms. Mathers on Good Morning America. She claims that she’s tried to contact the victim, I presume to apologize. I will share with you, that surprises the victim, who told me she is unaware of any attempt by Ms. Mathers to reach out to her,” Feurer said.




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