Fleetwood Mac Duo Join Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, And A Room Full Of Kids To Perform ‘Don’t Stop’ With Classroom Instruments

Jimmy Fallon’s Classroom Instruments segment has seen everyone from Adele to Metallica play their biggest hits on kids’ instruments, but for the first time he’s finally brought some actual kids in to help out.

Fallon teamed up with The Roots and kids from SeriousFun to play a rendition of “Don’t Stop”, featuring Fleetwood Mac members Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie.

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SeriousFun is an organization, founded by Paul Newman as a camp dedicated to building confidence, independence, and personal growth in children with serious illness. Fallon supports the charity, donating profits from his Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour, The Tonight Dough, to their efforts.

The kids play all kinds of classroom instruments, like a kazoo, hand clappers, a toy guitar, and a banana shaker, while Buckingham and McVie join in on the ukulele and a toy piano.

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The other members of Fleetwood Mac, including Stevie Nicks, were absent from the fun because Buckingham and McVie were actually there to promote their new duets album, “Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie”.



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